How much can you get for selling your car?

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Selling a used car is not all that easy. There are dozens of used car dealers both online and offline but finding one who will give the best price will take much of your time and effort. Trying to sell the car on your own has certain drawbacks as you have to devote a considerable amount of your free time answering queries over the phone/email and arranging car inspections and even test drives for potential customers. We've found this guide to selling a car from helpful also.

Ask For References

Many people in your social circle have experience with selling their old cars. Talk to them to find out which car dealer gave the best prices for their car. Get as many references as you can get.

Get Quotes From Different Dealers

Different dealers will evaluate your car and give their quotes. The prices will vary quite a bit. The difference in prices quoted can be couple of thousand pounds or even more. Consult Glass guide or Auto Trader to find out how much your car will sell for. Give the dealers complete information about the car including brand, model, mileage, age, condition and extra features to get accurate pricing.

If the price quoted by the dealers is considerably less than go back to them with your higher quote and see if they are willing to offer a higher price. Some online used car websites send your car details to multiple dealers and you get to compare the quotes and decide on the best price.

Writing An Advert

Highlight the key features of the car without exaggerating it. Clearly mention the car details like year of manufacture, registration, trim level but avoid jargon that makes no sense. If the car is red or blue then use this commonly used descriptions instead of what the manufacturer used to describe it. If the car has leather seats, alloy wheels, parking sensors or automatic features which are key selling points mention it. Include details about past owners and tax and MOT information. Keep the advert as simple and concise as possible.

Preparing Your Car For Sale

A car that is well-cared for attracts more buyers than a car that looks like a trash dump so, clear out all the junk accumulated over the years. Give your car a good wash, clean out the interiors by vacuuming it. Top up the oil and gas. Check the tires. Make sure that the interiors are not smelly. Try to get rid of any visible stain marks on the seats if possible. Add an air-freshener to make the interiors smell pleasant.


After the car has been cleaned take photos of it from all possible angles, the highlights of the car like its alloy wheels, leather seats and any other highlights that make the car hot property. Photograph the interiors too. If possible photograph the car with an attractive backdrop. The photos should be sharp and in focus.

Paper Work

Get all the relevant paper work like vehicle registration, tax papers, insurance papers for the car ready. This helps buyers to examine them when they come for inspection and make quick decisions.

Dealing With Buyers

If selling on own then fix a couple of hours in the morning or evening that will be convenient for most buyers. Before allowing test drives ensure that they have insurance and license to drive. Ask for proof. Do not leave the car unattended with car keys in it. Turn off the car engine if you are swapping drivers. Take all precautions that you would normally take with strangers.

Closing The Deal

Haggling over price is a tradition. If you are not happy with the price offered ask for a higher amount. If you think the time spent on haggling is not worth the small amount of extra money you will be making then settle on the price offered. Make sure that the money is transferred to your account before handing over the car.